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Whether you’re a current customer interested in learning what’s new or you’re considering Qlik for the first time, we have an event for you. Whether they’re in person or virtual, our events bring the top minds in the industry together to connect, share and inspire. We hope to see you at the next one.

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Masters Summit for Qlik®, Austin 2016

4 Of The World's Best Qlik Minds For 3 Days | Austin

Come join us at the Masters Summit for Qlik and take your skills to the next level to become a Qlik master! Through hands-on sessions, we will demonstrate how to use best practices to deploy Qlik as an enterprise solution and to build maintainable and scalable solutions.

October 11, 2016-October 13, 2016

Qlik Hands-On Workshops

What if anyone in your organization could create a dynamic dashboard to explore vast amounts of data, find meaningful insights, and share them with anyone else in your organization—all in the cloud?

Three words: faster, smarter decisions.

January 01, 2016-December 30, 2016

Empowering Employees with Business Discovery - McAfee Succeeds!

Join Jeff Brobst, VP of Financial Planning & Analysis, as he takes us down the path that led McAfee to a dynamic shift in culture as they drive the capability of Business Intelligence through the organization. Leveraging the power of QlikView®, McAfee experienced ground-breaking results by changing the way they think about, organize and use their data.


American Manufacturing Summit

The American Manufacturing Summit is a leadership focused meeting designed around improving plant floor operations and manufacturing strategy across the globe.

Qlik®  will be a sponsor at this year's summit and presenting solutions around supply chain and manufacturing.

February 29, 2016-March 01, 2016

Improve Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration with Big Data Analytics Webinar

In this webinar, discover how global transportation management leader Memnon Networks uses big data analytics

Speakers include Memnon Networks, SupplyChainBrain and Qlik®.

February 23, 2016


Suited for your expertise. Designed to go beyond your expectations.

Leading thinkers. Killer panels. One-of-a-kind networking opportunities. Connect with the global Qlik community and data enthusiasts from around the world. Give your BI approach a serious boost. Hear from Qlik experts and your peers. Be the first to see our newest technologies and solutions, join hands-on workshops, and get exclusive training tailored to your specific role. The only piece missing is you.

May 01, 2016-May 04, 2016

Changing Culture through Data Insights: Bassett Medical Center Shows Us How

Learn how Bassett Medical Center is driving culture change using insights gained from its broad, cross-department guided analytics deployment. You will hear from clinical end users as well as the Business Intelligence team that develops the applications.


Beyond Data Visualization: Qlik's Modern Visual Analytics Platform

Join us for the Beyond Data Visualization: Qlik®’s Modern Visual Analytics Platform webinar to get an introduction to the entire suite of Qlik® products—including the new features we’ve just rolled out.


Your Qlik Sense® Questions, Answered

We designed this webinar specifically for current QlikView users. Come learn how Qlik Sense can complement and extend your existing QlikView environment. Find out what Qlik Sense is all about.


Harvard HR Gets Data Smart with Qlik

Watch this webinar to see how Qlik enables Harvard HR users to:

  • Get accurate, timely information that supports critical decision making
  • Follow their questions as they explore the data
  • See the whole story in their workforce data to uncover trends, or drill into the details


Discovering the Goldmines in your Sales Data

Join us to learn how to turn your sales data into performance with a better approach to analytics. By connecting data from a variety of data sources, including CRM, marketing automation, and finance systems, Qlik® provides greater visibility across the entire sales cycle, allowing you to better plan and improve performance.


Challenge the Conventions: Innovation, Design and Business Transformation in BI

Business intelligence (BI) technology has leapt forward with the development of data discovery software. However, the approach many organizations take to BI and analytics has not improved at the same rate. Too often their approach is influenced by outmoded ideas. These ideas shut down possibilities, constraining what organizations do with BI, how they approach it, and the value they aspire to deliver from their data.  
This webinar exposes and explores six of the most common myths of BI and the impact they have on organizations.